5Dimes after William Sean Creighton: The Legacy Continues

What is 5Dimes?

5Dimes is a very successful company, in a very competitive landscape: Digital Gambling services. Not only has it consistently grown in financial performance. Its services are appreciated and praised by its users. 

The key to a two-decades of successful life span is the plan deployed by its founder, Mr. William Sean Creighton. He created the algorithms that nurture this outstanding performance.

As the company enters its third decade and the world accelerates its adoption of electronic entertainment services, the legacy of its founder should come to the forefront in order to inspire those that are 5Dimes employees, stakeholders and customers: Attract more customers and perhaps also investors to morph into a bigger and more encompassing electronic gambling business, capable of responding to a changing clientele and a changing palette of sports’ betting offers.

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Who was 5Dimes Tony?

William Sean Creighton was endowed with a special talent: He could create algorithms to beat odds in betting.

Sean (AKA “5Dimes Tony”) like all great algorithm designers, could spot a big dilemma and solved it. This process involved breaking it down into smaller steps. Then, those smaller steps would be broken down further until a pattern emerged of basic steps that built the dilemma. In order to control the dilemma, one needs to follow those basic steps. In essence, algorithm creation is about solving puzzles. And puzzle-solving is the key to beat the odds in gambling. 

This special talent led William Sean Creighton to build a very successful company that, from scratch, became a major rival for the great betting majors.

Now what?

Despite 5Dimes Tony death back in 2018, his wife Laura Varela Fallas, has inherited the CEO tasks and continued to, not just keep, but to increase the horizons for Five Dimes by providing to the customers in many countries of the world, one of the bests (If not the best) experiences in the online playing and gambling.

It is important to not forget that 5Dimes is not just an online gambling services company. It is also a family business that takes care of their customers, employees and even brings great benefits to society.

5Dimes counts with its own social help program, 5Dimes Care. It is in charge of providing food, dress and general care for homeless children.

William Sean Creighton’s legacy is one about talent and creating wealth, but above all talent, developing the potential of human beings, providing excellent online gambling experience, and even helping others for the wellbeing of the society.

These inputs sprang from a privileged mind, shaped by an external environment which surrounded Sean throughout his life. 

As he created the algorithms that support 5dimes services, he also opened a new road to entertainment services to enrich themselves with the use of these creations and through them the insertion of artificial intelligence into gambling and betting. 

In some respects, the life of William Sean Creighton resembles that of another great algorithmic creator: Tadeusz Rybczynski.

Mr. Rybczynski was a Polish economist with an in-depth knowledge of mathematics who observed international trade and its transforming powers. This led him to create the theorem that bears his name. The Rybczynski theorem displays how changes in a resource endowment affect the outputs of the goods with full-employment rates. After creating the Theorem Mr. Rybczynski went on to work at an investment bank where he could apply his theorem to forecast returns on investment.


Tadeusz Mieczysław Rybczyński, a Polish-English economist
Tadeusz Mieczysław Rybczyński, a Polish-English economist

A brilliant future for the online gambling industry

It is important to highlight that the global sports betting market will reach a huge amount of money by 2025, which would mean a growth of the US market alone by 8x approximately in the next five years.

Therefore, as 5Dimes reaches its third decade of operations, Sean’s creation will expand into new and more complex lines of betting and will spill over its corporate social responsibility programs in order to plant the seeds of algorithmic creations among the communities that nest its headquarters.

In a nutshell, William Sean Creighton’s work will continue to support 5Dimes success while nurturing itself with the wave of technology advances represented by AI to better serve its clients, its employees, the community, and of course through the continued work of his wife Laura Varella Fallas, who at the same time gets the help and support of her family to continue the legacy of good online entertainment services. In reaching this new pinnacle the legend of Five Dimes Tony will serve as an inspiration to other same or similar-industry enterprises.

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