William Sean Creighton’s life in Costa Rica

Sean arrived in Costa Rica in July 1999 witch his lifelong friend Jimmy. None spoke Spanish but had a rudimentary understanding of the language.

They however were very clear that their final goal was to establish a successful gambling & sportsbooks business.

Sean came with this idea in his mind after collecting prizes betting and win in several sportsbooks and gambling outlets. The owner of one such place proposed a deal because of debt with Sean in gambling concepts.

Debt climbed and faced with severe financial limitations the owner of the sportsbook found a way to pay Sean. They both created a sportsbook in a partnership, holding an equity stake. Sean agreed and 5Dimes came to being.

Based in Costa Rica, his vision always was to promote 5Dimes around the world supported by its digital business model. 5Dimes turned Sean into a smarter applied mathematician and sharper businessman.

Once the business was up and running, Sean got busy.  As his platform became more efficient and attractive Sean began to be nicknamed “5Dimes Tony” by competitors and clients. 

Jimmy was back then in Costa Rica, and still today, in awe of what 5Dimes became.

At the beginning it was just a group of 5 people taking phone calls and deposits, then it grew to hundreds of employees. To the amazement of friends and relatives, Sean built a big money worth empire from the ground up beginning with a few dollars.

Jimmy saw Sean become a gambling giant. Soon other sportsbooks began to use Sean’s algorithms which he constantly changed to improve service and thus retain a competitive edge. Some gambling businesses are using his systems and algorithms still nowadays. 

Sean kept expanding 5Dimes, diving into Asian European and Latin American markets.

According to Jimmy thought that 5Dimes was the “Gambling Costco”, But Sean lacked knowledge and expertise in casino operations and their popular table games of which poker was on the rise in the internet space. 

Casinos had never been a reference to Sean when creating his sportsbook operations. Thus, at the foundational stage of 5Dimes Sean devised other games and these became so famous that hey migrated from cyberspace to the material world.

Casinos and other gambling businesses started to use them on their premises. 5dimes made history when it traveled from cyberspace to material reality. Up to that point the voyage had been in the reverse direction: from material reality to cyberspace.

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