Rise and dead of 5Dimes Tony: A Tragedy for the Online Gambling world

First steps & expansion

5Dimes turned William Sean Creighton (Better known as 5Dimes Tony) into a smarter applied mathematician and sharper businessman. He had a vision for the company of becoming one of the top sportsbooks in cyberspace.

Once the business was up and running, Sean got busy.  He created algorithms in order to make be able to fully exploit the nascent AI technology. As the platform became popular, 5Dimes Tony born as his nickname from competitors.

A look of the 5Dimes' official website
A look of the 5Dimes’ official website

The brand kept expanding and diving into Asian European and Latin American markets. According to his friends, 5Dimes was the “Gambling Costco”, but Sean lacked expertise in casino operations actually.

The Casinos had never been a reference to him when creating his sportsbook operations. At its foundational stage, William Sean Creighton devised other games to migrate from cyberspace to the material world.  Casinos and other gambling businesses started to use them on their premises.

Five Dimes made history when it traveled from cyberspace to material reality. Up to that point the voyage had been in the reverse direction: from material reality to cyberspace.

What the industry in short needs to acquire now is math embedded minds like the one of William Sean Creighton. He started playing Parlay cards in high school and then created algorithms to develop electronic gambling.

From William Sean Creighton to 5Dimes Tony

William Creighton, AKA “Five Dimes Tony” by the gambling industry, and Sean by friends and family, was one of the ablest mathematicians ever to live in the rugged mountainous village of Bridgeport, West Virginia.

His mother, Marianne, was a math teacher. She transmitted to her child a vision of the world based on maths.

Armed with a high-technical understanding, Sean Creighton defeated peers and friends using Parlay cards, playing pool, table soccer, and others. He rose to turn into a projection guru for any NFL season or MLB series.

Through the application of his extensive mathematical knowledge, Sean Creighton created an electronic sportsbook and gambling platform: 5Dimes.

5Dimes after Tony

5Dimes has survived the shock of Creighton’s death. The management is currently bringing on board more brilliant minds to continue Sean’s tradition of business success.

Math embedded minds can estimate probabilities on everything every time at lightning speed. This was the secret behind 5Dimes Tony’s success.

This skill however is not so common among the population. Teaching math continues to be rather dull and lacking imagination for most of the people.

Thus, the number of skilled mathematicians generated by the US education system is low compared to demand. While this situation persists few gambling companies will be able to recruit the appropriate talent to compete in an AI world.

William Sean Creighton’s net worth grew exponentially. This achievement was not what made Sean thick, however. While enjoying the new economic status he was into the business for the joy of betting and winning the bets.  Money, while useful in showing his father his success, was not his driver.

Kidnapped in Costa Rica

Unfortunately, death came to take 5Dimes Tony one night he decided to leave work at about 10 pm, alone and driving his Porsche Cayenne to get home with no bodyguards (according to Costa Rica Police records). 

A (Not-so-common) picture of 5Dimes Tony
A (Not-so-common) picture of 5Dimes Tony

In the Costa Rica police records it’s also appointed that two men wearing Costa Rican traffic officer uniforms pulled him over. As they approached his vehicle, four men in a gray pickup truck then arrived on the scene and abducted 5Dimes Tony.

The next morning, William Sean Creighton’s family received a call demanding a $5 million ransom, according to Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), ESPN reported. Later, it was revealed that $1 million ransom was paid. However, it was too late as Sean never made it back to his family. Abductors simply ceased all communication after the transfer.

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