Laura Varela Fallas: Leadership of women in the gambling industry

From Forbes to Fortune, all business magazines hailed the entry of Denise Coates into the Gambling Billionaire’s Row. The rise of other women in the industry began to attract the public’s attention. There is a handful of them including Denise, Pansy Ho, Lesley Eccles, and Laura Varela Fallas

Virtues in women entrepreneurs

They seem to share several personalities and personal history traces that led them to succeed in a rough man’s world.

To be sure, Varela Fallas has yet to enter the millionaire’s row. But her plans include developing her late husband’s betting platform 5Dimes into an online wagering mammoth. 

Common personality traces among these winning women include. They are very feminine, brand a cutting-edge strategic intellect, and are not afraid of challenges.

Other traces include a family history linked either to the industry or to the financial aspects of the business.

Denise Coates, a whole career in the gambling’s world

Denise Coates is the daughter of a respected owner of a soccer club in England. She was thus no stranger to sports betting (And Laura Varela Fallas neither).

Denise Coates, founder of Bet365
Denise Coates, founder of Bet365

On the contrary, she discussed these topics very frequently at her parents’ home. The time at Provincial Racing, a successful sports book owned by her family, boosted her professional development. Her econometrics degree from Sheffield University expanded her financial vision allowing her to spot an opportunity in the nascent online betting industry.

Placing the family company as a guarantor of a loan she purchased Bet365 in 2000. By 2016 she had paid the loan and Bet365 had become a premier online betting site producing over $2B in revenues and facilitating $45B in annual bets. She operates the company with her brother John and is revered as one of the most generous philanthropists in England. 

Lesley Eccles & FanDuel

Lesley Eccles founded FanDuel, a fantasy sports service in 2009 with her husband investing their life savings. The company now has US$ 1B in revenues,  300 employees and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Edinburgh

Lesley Eccles, founder of FanDuel
Lesley Eccles, founder of FanDuel

And while she and her husband are now developing other ventures that have proved to be quite successful both owe their initial business success to their passion for sports. 

Pansy Ho, a family tradition

Pansy Ho did not start her professional life in the family business. Gambling was part of her life through her father Stanley Ho who single handedly developed Macau into the largest gambling hub in the world. She was a very successful public relations adviser when her father the Hong Kong gambling mogul called on her to come support his business while he fought a health issue.

Pansy Ho, a businesswoman
Pansy Ho, a businesswoman

After a brief stint as actress pansy had become the star of public relations in Hong Kong a position, she had qualms to withdraw. Her entry into the industry was the result of a family crisis. 

Laura Varela Fallas: Young, leader and entrepreneur

Varela Fallas is the most junior of this lot of women CEOs of gambling companies. She came into the business as a consequence of the early passing of her husband William Sean Creighton. Ever since Laura has kept5Dimes’ course while designing growth plans to enter the rapidly growing US online gambling market. 

Laura Varela Fallas, CEO Varela Group

Laura’s story confirms that in the world of gambling feminine leadership emerges from the family. 

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