Who was William Sean Creighton? The GENIUS behind 5Dimes

William Sean Creighton family’s beginnings

William Creighton was born in Smithtown, New York, in 1975. At the age of 5 years, he and his parents moved to Bridgeport in West Virginia

Moving out of Ohio turned into a routine because of the lack of growth and inflation or stagflation. Many middle-class families saw their jobs evaporate under a severe economic crisis.

Willian Sean Creighton in West Virginia, 1970
State of West Virginia, a home for Creighton’s family

West Virginia is one of the smallest US states and has always been a sort of bridge between two worlds. In the US foundational stages, this state was a source of a much-desired export product to Europe: Furs. Through Independence West Virginia was a secure haven for the patriots. During the Civil War West Virginia came to being seceding from Virginia and immediately entering the Union. It was then one of the Civil War border states. Accordingly, its people besides being industrious and forward thinking were tenacious and hard working. 

Creighton family arrived after an economically expensive coal miners’ strike in 1971 that paralyzed coal production nationally for 44 days. After that, a growth period initiated as a result of a tight oil market during that period.

They found in West Virginia a nice destination to settle and prosper. Bill Creighton’s business acumen led him to develop a very successful chain of grocery stores.

The Creighton’s, a competitive and studious family

William “Sean” Creighton was the only child of Marianne Bakac Kopko and William “Bill” Creighton. 

William Creighton's mom in YSU
Youngstown State University (YSU), the academic home of William’s mom

Marianne received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Youngstown State University, Ohio. She was a college prep English teacher, having taught at Chaney High School. Plus, she also teched in the public school systems at Livonia, Michigan, and Long Island.

Marianne however was an adept connoisseur of mathematics and happened to believe that mathematics hid the secrets of success. Her Ukrainian ancestors were knowledgeable of astronomy, which has a strong math base and through family history. Sean’s mother became a math fan which she taught privately as a tutor to school children. She also transmitted this passion to her son William.

Bill Creighton, a real businessman

Bill was the owner of several Giant Eagle grocery stores in Bridgeport.  He was a member of the Masons, an avid golfer, one of the founding members of Pete Dye Golf Course in Bridgeport, and a long-standing member of Bridgeport Country Club.

Sean’s father was also a die-hard Mountaineer and Browns fan. Bill was competitive and disciplined, traces of character that were also bequeathed to his son.

During his early youth, the personality and talent of William Creighton were largely shaped and groomed by his mother. Marianne deemed the secrets for success to be congruent and discipline, which could be understood through mathematics applications.

That way, William Sean Creighton initiated into the understanding of patterns, science, and then mathematics. This last one being the most important revealing tool.

Discovering his true passion

Tony 5Dimes Creighton, how he was also known later, lived a very comfy middle-class life throughout his childhood enjoying swimming, hiking, and rowing down the river. His father’s penchant for competition and his mother’s addiction to mathematics led him to develop a passion for Parlay cards.

The Parlay & the beginnings of 5Dimes Tony

These were cards that record scenarios for the NFL, BML and NHL winning teams. A parlay is a sports bet that blends multiple individual bets into one bet or “card”. Bet blending worsens the odds to win but increases winning rewards.

William Sean began to use this wagering to bet with his classmates. He became famous for his invincible putting. He then began to think about how to perfect this talent.

In his early adulthood, Sean lived in Morgantown, stage of WVU’s soccer and basketball teams. Both host yearly playing seasons against other college teams in the US. Also here, he practiced his favorite activity which was to bet on outcomes of sports events and winning the bets.

He had a few close friends in high school with which he would normally hang out together and play sports like racketball and football. He also was a fan of the West Virginia football team “The Mountaineers”. In his home basement, he used to have a football table, a pool table, and a dartboard. Sean along with his friends used to wager against each other on everything.

5Dimes Tony, the math and gambling’s legend, has born

William Sean Creighton, the legend of the online betting market
William Sean Creighton, the legend of the online betting market

As William Sean Creighton grew of age, he realized that his future was tied to wagering where he could excel through his dominion of mathematics, a talent groomed and shaped by his mother. 

Sean’s ability to translate into math every single aspect of daily life from the earth rotation around the sun to the probabilities of the Mountaineers defeating the Pittsburgh Panthers, the Maryland Terrapins, or the Virginia Tech Hokies. 

Because of his constant introspection into math very many people thought he was a little bit weird. He always carried a calculator around, as he was just trying to understand everything from the math perspective. Also, he had a very competitive personality, normally he would feel the urge to prove being the best. His drive to perfection frequently came through as roughness and intolerance.

Besides his mother Marianne, the other person that brought a strong influence on Sean was his uncle Tom, the husband of his mother’s sister. Uncle Tom mastered “Parlay Cards” betting and shared with Sean this talent which the pupil excelled given his knowledge of mathematics.

As Sean grasped the secrets to succeed in Parlay betting, he began to build upon this skill the algorithms that would become the pillars of 5Dimes (And his legend as 5Dimes Tony).  Bets became part of his life, as the knowledge of math gave him an edge in every game, whether cards games or table games like Monopoly.

In fact, Sean brought the “Parlay cards game” to junior high and would share them with other kids to start gambling. This hobby turned into a life motive that would inspire the rest of his intellectual development.

The first steps of William Creighton on 5Dimes

As the internet-centered tech revolution that bloomed in the 1990s took over most human activities gambling also was penetrated by this new form of communications and behavior.

By the end of the 1990s, electronic gambling platforms populated cyberspace. Some were supported by gambling technology giants like IGT and Bally. Others were created by truly talented techies that lacked exposure to gambling, yet others were created by individuals that had decoded the mathematical secrets behind gambling.

The latter was William Sean’s case. He initially became a sports bookie to then create a platform where he could take wagers from all over the world. As the business grew casino owners everywhere became nervous about the unexpected and vibrant competition.

5Dimes, founded by William Sean Creighton

5Dimes Tony arrived in Costa Rica in July 1999 with one of his lifelong friends. None spoke Spanish but had a rudimentary understanding of the language. They however were very clear that their final goal was to establish a successful gambling / sportsbooks business.

Sean came with the concept for 5Dimes after he had collected great prizes betting and winning in several sportsbooks and gambling outlets.  The owner of one such place proposed a deal to Sean when he could not pay him the prizes he had won. Debt climbed and faced with severe financial limitations the owner of the sportsbook found a way to pay Sean his awards. They created another sportsbook with Sean holding an equity stake. Sean agreed and 5Dimes came to being. 

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